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Google Play Games PC beta officially launches in the United States

As we’ve recently covered, the Google Play Store was allowing some users to download the Windows .exe version of specific games a few weeks back. With Google Play Games for PC rolling out to Eastern audiences, those of us in the West just had to continue waiting, despite the accidental tease on Google’s part.

Now, at long last, the Play Games for PC beta just became available in the United States! You can visit the official webpage to download the installer right now. With over 85 games that take advantage of peripherals like mouse and keyboard and game controller inputs, there’s sure to be something for everyone.

In addition to improved control schemes to change the way you play, you’ll of course, be able to pick up where you left off on any screen so long as it has either the Google Play Games for PC installer there as well or Play Games for Android thanks to the company’s Play Services cloud sync feature. Oh, and you can also gain Play Points while you enjoy what’s on tap just like you do on your phone!

We optimize every game for PC in collaboration with the developer – so you can experience your favorites the way the creators intended. Plus, we run safety checks on all games to help keep your device safe and secure.

Google Play Games

In recent memory, Google nearly cut the PC minimum requirements in half, opening up the possibility for many more people with varying budgets to play mobile games on their desktops. There’s a $10 coupon on the website as well for anyone looking to make a game purchase when they get the software up and running. Sadly, this won’t work for in-app purchases like micro-transactions, and it expires at the end of November on the 30th. You’ll also notice that this coupon works in the United States and is meant as a promotional offer for those of us just gaining access to the beta.

If you get an error while installing the PC app, you may need to enable hardware virtualization before continuing. That’s something you’ll have to do through your device’s BIOS, but it’s relatively easy, and instructions can be found on Microsoft’s support page. Let me know if you try out the beta and what your thoughts are!

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