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Healthvana Passes 50 Million Health Records Delivered Across the United States

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Healthvana, a HIPAA-compliant patient communication platform used by healthcare providers, public health departments, laboratories, schools, employers, and skilled nursing facilities recently passed 50 million health records delivered to patients across more than 20 states.

Since 2015, the company has helped its customers manage and communicate with their patients through a digital-first experience that reduces the burden on an overworked healthcare workforce while empowering patients – especially those at the highest risk in underserved populations.

“We appreciate the deeply dedicated healthcare provider partners we’ve worked with to help millions of patients across the country,” said Chief Executive Officer Ramin Bastani. “Our team believes in empowering patients with easy-to-access and actionable health information at their fingertips. Crossing 50 million health records delivered, with a 95% patient satisfaction rate, shows a glimpse of what successful public, private, and nonprofit partnerships can look like.”

Healthvana’s initial focus was on sexual health and HIV – digitizing the patient journey to better engage patients while delivering tens of millions of reminders and actionable health information on behalf of groups such as the largest HIV/AIDS provider in the United States, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Key HIV and Sexual Health Outcomes

  • Better Appointment Adherence: Worked with more than 40,000 HIV-positive patients (underserved populations) across 10+ states. Led to patients being 7 times more likely to show up for their next quarterly appointment (2023 publishing).
  • Clinic Efficiency: 90% reduction in phone calls to a healthcare provider in Florida measured over 6 months after incorporating Healthvana.
  • Medication Adherence for PrEP: 89% HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP – a once-a-day pill) adherence at a 6-month visit at a Florida clinic, presented at SYNC 2020.

Key COVID-19 Outcomes + Work

In April 2020, Healthvana expanded its communication platform to address the urgent COVID-19 response for healthcare providers from Alaska to Florida, including the country’s largest public health department, Los Angeles County, which has a population of 10 million people – a number that is greater than 40 states.

The company created impactful, timely tools as the pandemic evolved, with a focus on reaching populations most at-risk (e.g., age, zip code, etc.) and often underserved:

  • Antiviral Medication to the Underserved with Los Angeles County: Successful public health telemedicine “test-to-treat” program launched with Los Angeles County to connect positive COVID-19 patients in underserved communities instantly to antiviral treatment (Stanford University and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health publishing in late 2022).
  • Emergency Alerts: Just-in-time, targeted health alerts sent to millions of patients including Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine pause (text messaged 100,000+ patients within a day of announcement), vaccine availability, vaccine reminders, and COVID antivirals.
  • Apple Wallet: 1st in the United States to provide digital COVID-19 vaccination records in Apple Wallet (Fox Business Interview).

Healthvana’s COVID-19-related work has been featured on Fox Business, BBC, The New York Times, NPR, CNBC, and Bloomberg.

Recently, Healthvana supported the national monkeypox response through targeted patient outreach, vaccination reminders, vaccination records, and features to help reduce the workload on the staff of our healthcare providing customers by empowering patients with critical information.

About Healthvana

Healthvana uses modern technology to make healthcare better for patients. The company’s evidence-based communication platform is used by healthcare providers to manage and communicate with their patient populations, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs. Since 2015 the company has delivered over 50 million health records across the U.S. Healthvana’s work has been featured everywhere from Fox News to the New York Times, and at the White House. For more information, visit

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