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Meghan Markle’s update on life in America: ‘Lilibet has just started…’ | World News

Meghan Markle revealed that her and Prince Harry’s daughter Lilibet has “just started walking” during a new episode of her podcast Archetypes. In a conversation with actor, director and producer Pamela Adlon, Meghan Markle said that her youngest child, who is “a year and a a couple of months old” has started walking, joking she’s “in the thick of it”.

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Meghan Markle said that the early years of being a parent are challenging as “morning rush” is hectic but she’s sure it “can only get more chaotic as they get older”.

Of her daily routine, Meghan Markle said, “But, for me, it’s monitors on for the kids to hear them, always up with Lili, get her downstairs, then a half hour later, Archie’s up.”

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She then “starts doing his lunchbox right before he’s up while I have her, getting her a little nibble, my husband’s helping me get him downstairs…”

“I make breakfast for all three of them. It’s very important to me. I love doing it. ‘For me, it just feels like the greatest way to start the morning,” she added.

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“And then it’s like feed all three of the dogs – because we just got another dog – and then it’s get Archie out the door for school and, you know, but it does, it feels like a whirlwind,” she further said.

Meghan Markle shared updates on her family in the episode, entitled Good Wife/Bad Wife, Good Mom/Bad Mom during which she also interviewed first lady of Canada, Sophie Trudeau, and Saturday Night Live comedian and writer Sam Jay.

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