$1,1 billion As a Severe Storm Approaches, the NASA Moon Rocket Is Trapped Outside

Artemis I seem to have no luck. Prior to its scheduled launch on November 14, NASA's long-delayed unmanned around-the-moon mission must overcome a new challenge. 

Florida is about to be hit by a strong storm that could potentially bring severe winds.

Nicole is a tropical storm right now, but as it approaches the Florida shore, it will probably intensify into a hurricane. 

On launchpad 39B at the Kennedy Space Center, which is close to Orlando, is Artemis I. While on the launch pad,

 the rocket is made to withstand winds of up to 74 knots (85 mph/137 kph). Although Nicole's precise route 

and potential strength are currently uncertain, it's likely that the storm will deliver winds that are stronger than that limit.

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