Millions will receive monthly checks for $841 from Supplemental Security Income in 18 days.

On December 1, SSI-eligible couples will start receiving their regular payouts of $1,261. 

Payments of $421 will be made to essential individuals, or those who reside with SSI recipients and provide necessary care, at the start of the next month.

In January 1974, the Social Security Administration started paying SSI benefits to qualified individuals and couples. 

Since 1975, the amount of the payout for cost-of-living adjustments has increased in order to offset annual inflation, according to the agency.

When the first of the month occurs on a holiday or the weekend, the administration instead sends out SSI payments on the last workday before the first of the following month

Beneficiaries received two of their monthly payments in the same calendar month this year due to scheduling hiccups with the January, May, and October payments.

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