Following two scrubs and two hurricanes, NASA will try to launch a moon rocket.

The Space Launch System rocket, which is 322 feet tall while its payload is on top of it, seems to be quite hurricane-resistant.

After the storm had passed, Jim Free, NASA's assistant administrator for exploration systems, said in a news conference: "If we didn't construct it to be out there in extreme weather

Wednesday morning might see the rocket go to the moon very early, little than a week after Nicole's buffeting. 

If it succeeds, NASA will have finally overcome the numerous technical issues and weather delays that have prevented the Space Launch System from making its debut

The launch window is 1:04 a.m. Eastern time. The two-hour launch window, which runs until 3:04 a.m., allows time for problem-solving or weather-related delays. 

Before 3:30 p.m., the launch director for the mission gave the go-ahead to start propellant loading on the rocket.

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