AMD’s Radiation tolerant space grade AI SoCs for satellite 

AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced it has completed Class B qualification for the company’s first space-grade Versal™ adaptive SoCs.

The XQR Versal™ AI Core XQRVC1902 devices deliver full radiation tolerance, accelerated AI inferencing and high-bandwidth signal processing performance for satellite and space applications. 

The completion of Class B qualification, derived from the US military specification MIL-PRF-38535, allows the devices to begin shipping in early 2023.

The radiation-tolerant XQR Versal AI Core XQRVC1902 devices represent a major leap forward in enabling sophisticated on-board data processing and AI inferencing applications in space.

Until now, highly complex AI applications could only be performed with custom-designed ASICs, which are prohibitively expensive for most space programs.

In contrast to ASICs, the XQR Versal adaptive SoC supports reprogramming during development as well as after deployment, including in-flight in the harsh radiation environment of space.

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