Apple might be developing a "hello Siri" update. Reasons why

According to reports, the business is teaching Siri to understand requests without the first half of the command phrase "Hey Siri."

Siri can be activated by using the trigger phrase on a variety of devices, including the iPhone, iPad, HomePod, and Apple Watch.

The system compares the spoken command to the user-trained model during the recognition phase, according to Su. The algorithm may have fewer comparison points 

and a higher error rate in echo-y, huge rooms and noisy surroundings, like as in a car or when there is wind, because "Siri" is significantly shorter than "Hey Siri."

With this change, Apple would be able to compete with Amazon's "Alexa" prompt, which doesn't require a first wake phrase for its voice assistant.

 In 2018, Microsoft stopped enabling users to say "Hey Cortana" on smart speakers and instead only allows "Cortana." For the majority of Google product inquiries, "OK Google" is still necessary.

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