Chris Sacca, an early Twitter investor, claims that Elon Musk is "alone right now and winging things."

Chris Sacca, a venture capitalist and one of Twitter's earliest proponents, claims that Elon Musk needs allies who aren't afraid to "speak some truth to power"

Sacca stated in a sequence of tweets on Monday that he has long liked Musk and that Musk called the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla "world positive."

Sacca is the creator of Lowercarbon Capital, a company that makes investments in sustainable and alternative energy sources.

However, Sacca noted, the difficulties of managing a well-known social messaging service like Twitter call for a level of delicacy and human understanding that Musk has not yet shown.

Batteries, motors, rockets, tunnels, and solar panels all clearly have correct and bad answers, according to Sacca. "Success criteria can be measured objectively."

According to Sacca, developing good policies necessitates enlisting individuals with various points of view who are free to disagree with one another.

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