Direct $1,050 in relief payments will be sent by January, placed onto debit cards.

A second tranche of payments totaling up to $1,050 will shortly be paid to California citizens who have not yet received them to help offset rising inflation.

The payouts, totaling around $9.5 billion, were sent to Californians starting in October as part of the state's Middle Class Tax Refund. 

Either a prepaid debit card, which may take a little longer to arrive in the mail, or direct deposit can be used to distribute the funds.

Residents must have submitted their 2020 tax returns by October 15, 2021 in order to be eligible, and filers cannot be identified as dependents.

Depending on a person's marital status and yearly salary, the payments will change.

Depending on one's income and the number of dependents, married couples filing jointly might earn between $400 and $1,050, while heads of household could receive between $200 and $700.

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