Employees at SpaceX claim they were fired for criticizing Elon Musk.

Approximately 20 engineers were invited to a meeting held in June at the SpaceX corporate office. Elon Musk, the organization's founder and CEO, was the topic of the discussion.

The previous day, the business took action to terminate five workers who had penned a petition urging SpaceX to denounce Mr. Musk's "damaging Twitter behavior." 

 Mr. Musk had done so by making fun of a news story that said SpaceX had resolved a sexual harassment claim against him. 

Many of the engineers arrived at the meeting expecting an understanding audience because certain managers and executives had made it clear they did not support Mr. Musk's actions.

However, the meeting—which had not previously been disclosed—quickly turned tense, according to two SpaceX employees who were present.

They claimed that Jon Edwards, the vice president in charge of the meeting, referred to the letter as an extreme act and said the authors had been sacked for upsetting the balance of the firm 

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