How many marriages has Cher had?

Cher has a very captivating love story. The iconic singer fell in love with Sonny Bono when she was just 16 years old, despite the fact that he was 11 years her senior.

 When they first met in a cafĂ© in Los Angeles, Bono was adamant that he only wanted to be friends. Cher told Parade, "Sonny told me, 'I don't think you very attractive.

Cher, though, kept falling for him. She told the source, "I swear to God, the instant I spotted Sonny, everyone else in the room fled." He was the most awesome person ever.

Soon later, the former couple's acquaintance developed into love, and in 1969 they were married and had a child.

Around that time, Cher and Bono's careers also started to soar as a result of their collaboration and joint musical endeavors.

They had numerous successful singles, with "I Got You Babe" topping the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

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