In December, the first part of two payments totaling $1,755 will arrive in 14 days.

Additional Security Due to a scheduling hiccup, the first of two regular checks totaling a total of $1,755 that will be given to income recipients in December is 14 days away.

Eligible beneficiaries will receive the first payment on December 1 and the subsequent monthly payment will be sent to them on December 30.

In order to ensure that recipients receive the check on the beginning of the month, the Social Security Administration issues monthly SSI checks the business day before months

that start on a weekend or holiday. Beneficiaries wind up getting two checks in the same month several times a year as a result of this situation. 

Due to the fact that January 1, 2023 comes on a Sunday this year, the SSI payment for January 2023 will be given on Friday, December 30, 2022. 

Because January First is a federal holiday, the January payment is always sent early.

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