LEOcloud and Axiom Space cooperate on edge processing in space

LEOcloud, a startup focused on space-based edge computing, announced a strategic collaboration agreement Nov. 15 with commercial space station provider Axiom Space.

Under the agreement, the companies will work together to develop and deliver space-based cloud services linked to terrestrial cloud computers.

“The value and benefit of edge computing on Earth is well known and understood,” Dennis Gatens, LEOcloud CEO and founder, told SpaceNews

“Extending that edge into space is the underlying value proposition here. Compute and data storage needs will be met in a local environment versus the application workloads run back on Earth.”

For data customers, the primary benefit will be “reducing the timeframe from raw data to actionable insight, whether it’s a government, military or commercial customer,” Gatens added.

LEOcloud’s space-based infrastructure will be designed to host Microsoft, Red Hat or AWS cloud services.

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