NASA approves the early Wednesday launch of the Artemis moon rocket.

Artemis' hurricane-damaged insulation was examined by NASA managers on Monday, and the $4.1 billion booster was given the go-ahead to launch early on Wednesday. 

A long-delayed mission to propel an unpiloted Orion crew capsule around the moon and back would begin with the launch.

An engineering analysis revealed the material is not massive or dense enough to cause any significant damage even if a piece hits one of the two lower stages or strap-on boosters, engineers concluded.

Even if more strips of the caulk-like "RTV" insulation pull free during the Space Launch System rocket's climb to space, engineers concluded.

The mission management team at NASA unanimously decided to move forward with a third launch attempt at 1:04 a.m. EST on Wednesday, the start of a two-hour window

Mike Sarafin, the mission manager for Artemis 1, said, "I inquired if there were any conflicting opinions, and there were none. "That excuse for the flight was accepted. 

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