NASA Moon Rocket on Launchpad as Hurricane Likely Approaches

A $4 billion NASA rocket is still on a launchpad at Kennedy Space Center where it will weather Tropical Storm Nicole as it heads toward Florida's East Coast.

Nicole is becoming stronger and might hit the United States as early as Wednesday as a Category 1 hurricane with gusts of 74 to 95 mph. This could endanger the massive Space Launch System rocket.

According to NASA, the SLS can survive sustained winds of 46 mph and wind gusts of up to 85 mph (74 knots) (40 knots).

As early as November 14, the organization aimed to send the rocket and unmanned Orion capsule into space. 

It would be the first Artemis mission from the organization to bring people back to the lunar surface.

However, NASA officials decided late on Tuesday to postpone the launch until Nov. 16 to give workers time to get back to work safely and conduct post-storm inspections.

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