NFL World Is Praying For The Family Of Troy Aikman

The National Football League is offering prayers this week for the family of late NFL quarterback Troy Aikman.

Aikman revealed that he lost his mother last week during the Commanders vs. Eagles broadcast on Monday night. On Monday night, he went back to the broadcasting booth.

Aikman, a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys who is in the Hall of Fame, has long been regarded as one of the best broadcasters in the league.

In light of Aikman's tragic news regarding his mother, the NFL community is praying for his family.

Condolences on the passing of Troy Aikman's mother to you and your family, one admirer said.

"It's admirable of ESPN to give Joe Buck and Troy Aikman time to pay tribute to Aikman's mother after her recent passing. That was really heartfelt "fan added, one.

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