Press is instructed by NASA not to take photos of the launch site

After the agency's Artemis I Moon mission was launched earlier this week using the Space Launch System, NASA forbade the media from taking pictures at the launch site.

Multiple space journalists claimed on Twitter that the agency had issued them a message prohibiting them from taking pictures of the Artemis 1 launch tower after the rocket had blasted off.

Eric Berger, senior space editor at Ars Technica, tweeted that NASA "did not provide a rationale."

 The reporter continued, citing his sources, that the prohibition appeared to be an effort to appear respectable following the launch's damage to the tower.

According to new information, the Launch Complex-39B tower was harmed during the Wednesday morning Artemis I launch, Berger tweeted.

The response provided to Davenport stated that "pictures are not permitted at this time due to [International Traffic in Arms Regulations licensing] constraints and the current setup."

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