Queen Elizabeth’s Daily Habits That Helped Her Live 96 Years

A breakfast mealBreakfast was regularly served at 8:30 a.m. sharp, with Queen Elizabeth's breakfast being given top priority. 

Keeping a pet According to research, having a pet can improve your health by lowering stress levels, blood pressure, and medical expenses.

horseback ridingBeing a skilled rider, horses have been a constant in Queen Elizabeth's life since a very young age.

Having teaIn the morning, Queen Elizabeth drank some Earl Grey tea. She preferred her tea without sugar, like many British people, but didn't mind a little milk.

Snacking, but in moderationEvery day, Elizabeth received jam sandwiches with her afternoon tea. Jam is simply put on buttered white bread and then cut into circles for these delights

LaughingElizabeth was frequently captured in mid-laugh because of her sharp wit and dry sense of humor.

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