Scientists have confirmed that a deadly asteroid will strike Earth.

Possible danger to EarthIts name is 2022 AP7, and it is a potentially hazardous asteroid that will strike our planet.

just identifiedOne of the greatest hazards could come from the as-yet unidentified object known as 2022 AP7.

It was discovered using the Blancotelescope's Dark Energy camera, which has a four-meter lens diameter and is located in Chile.

The threat posed by AP7 in 2022 is made worse by the fact that it has the biggest diameter of the three asteroids seen so far, ranging from 1.1 to 2.3 kilometers.

possible outcomesA true disaster would result upon the collision of an asteroid with a diameter of around two kilometers.

Everything nearby the epicenter would be destroyed and burned by the heat and mechanical force generated during impact.

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