The "Largest And Most Profitable Company" In The World Will Be Tesla

In an interview with Forbes before to the event, Baron claimed he believed Tesla could overtake all other businesses as the most successful and significant in the world within ten years. 

Tesla's stock has dropped by around 50% since the start of the year, but Baron doesn't appear concerned because the automaker also makes up roughly 45% of one of his biggest funds.

In the interview, Baron predicted that Tesla would be the biggest and most successful corporation in the world in ten years.

Baron Capital manages 19 funds with assets of about $40 billion, many of which have significant Tesla holdings. 

The Baron Partners Fund has invested $6 billion in the manufacturer, and the Baron Focused Growth Fund holds around $700 million worth of Tesla stock.

The two funds are down about 31% and 23% in 2022, respectively, but Baron noted that they still have significant long-term gains.

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