The NFL reacts to the shocking Jimmy Garoppolo news

Jimmy Garoppolo, a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers, has a rather amazing record throughout the course of his nine seasons in the NFL

winning more than 68 percent of his games and going 37-17 as a starter. Even his team has traveled with him to watch the Super Bowl.

However, as one recent statistic demonstrates, it might not necessarily be Garoppolo who is putting in all the effort; rather, he might simply be benefiting from his team's success.

Jimmy Garoppolo has a hilarious and startlingly good record in games where he personally doesn't particularly play well as a quarterback, as The Athletic notes.

The Athletic tweeted, "Jimmy Garoppolo has a 10-2 record in starts where he has thrown zero touchdown passes (regular and postseason)."

Given how crucial quarterback play is to a team's success in the NFL, this statistic seems improbable. 

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