The WhatsApp buddy mode enables the use of a single account across several devices.

You may not be pleased to learn that you cannot use the same account on different devices if you frequently use more than one phone and use WhatsApp.

This might soon alter. A feature known as "companion mode," which enables users to set up and use the same WhatsApp account on up to four devices simultaneously

The function is only accessible in WhatsApp's most recent beta version ( and has only begun to be made available to some users. 

It's simple to set up; after installing WhatsApp on a new phone, the option to link with another device through a QR code 

will appear in the three-dot menu in the top right corner (that's on Android, the capability allegedly isn't available on iPhones yet).

When companion mode was first tried in an earlier WhatsApp beta, tablets were the only devices that could use it; today, numerous phones can use companion mode as well. 

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