These five surprising facts about kissing

Never discount the importance of a kiss: A person kisses for two weeks on average during his lifetime. Did you know that kissing can burn 5 calories in a minute?

Although it may be negligible in comparison to the daily caloric intake, perhaps the following information will surprise you more: 

We use no less than 146 muscles during each kiss. I find it really odd that all of these just help us burn a small amount of calories.

There are around 20 different kinds of kisses, with the French kiss—also known as a "tongue kiss"—where you stick your tongue into the other person's mouth—being the most well-known.

Studies have proven that kissing is far healthier than people typically believe, despite the fact that kissing can spread diseases like colds, herpes, and others.

When we kiss, a lot of white blood cells are released into our bloodstream to fight off toxins. Hormones that have the function of reducing pain are also released during the kiss.

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