This evening will see the launch of the Artemis I moon mission.

Tonight, the Space Launch System rocket from NASA will blast out on its maiden lunar mission.Unmanned test flight Artemis I is a precursor to crewed Artemis flights in the future.

View the NASA broadcast below to watch the historic SLS rocket launch live.For its historic return to the moon, NASA is counting down the minutes till launch. 

The Artemis I mission seeks to test the spacecraft created for the first astronaut moon trips since the Apollo program was cancelled fifty years ago

NASA could be on track to make the first human moon landing since 1972 in 2025 if the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket successfully lifts off, propels its Orion capsule around the moon, 

and the spaceship survives the deadly drop down through Earth's atmosphere. 

Before sending men to Mars, NASA intends to construct a permanent base on the moon and extract its resources.

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