two years in space, the Space Force's X-37B spacecraft lands on the planet.

It made its sixth successful landing at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Saturday, November 12th at 5:22AM ET.

Although the agency remains largely mum on the precise functions of the Boeing-built spacecraft, it did confirm that the FalconSat-8 designed by the US Air Force Academy was launched in October 2021.

This little satellite, which is still in orbit today and carried five experimental payloads, Additionally, it housed the photovoltaic radiofrequency antenna module

from the Naval Research Laboratory, which is intended to transform solar energy into microwave radiation and "transmit power to the ground."

The spacecraft, which resembles a scaled-down version of NASA's Space Shuttle, initially flew in 2010, but since then, little is known about its intended use. 

The X-37B launched a few satellites into orbit prior to its mission and returned to Earth in 2019 after an absence of 780 days.

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