What is known about the house fire and meteorite in Northern California

A rural residence on a cattle ranch in Northern California was completely destroyed by fire on Friday night, not long after witnesses reported seeing a brilliant object fall from the sky nearby.

According to Clayton Thomas, a captain with the Penn Valley Fire Protection District, the fire was reported in Nevada County around 7:25 p.m. it was located close to the Mooney Flat area.

Dustin Procita, the home's owner, was present when the fire started and thinks a meteorite colliding with his roof is what started it.

He informed KCRA that he had heard a loud boom. "Smoke began to smell to me. When I stepped onto my porch, it was entirely in flames."

Procita almost escaped the fire with one of his dogs, but he lost another dog and two of his beloved rabbits. 

By 8:55 p.m., according to Thomas, the fire had been put out and no one had been hurt or killed. He is unaware of how the fire started.

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