Which of The 5 Dating Styles Are You?

First, the commitment daterThese people desire to spend the rest of their lives with someone, meet The One, get married, start a family, or not.

2. The habitual monogamistAlthough they prefer long-term monogamous partnerships, serial daters don't always hope for them to stay forever.

They might have begun as Commitment Daters but eventually gave up after having unsuccessful relationships.

3. Some people decide to date multiple persons simultaneously. Long-term commitment may or may not be something they envision for themselves in the future.

4. The casual daterMany people place greater value on having intercourse than on developing an emotional connection. Or they find emotional intimacy uncomfortable.

5. The stalker daterPredators seek out credulous individuals who can assist them in obtaining their needs. They can require housing because they are dependent on something.

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