Winter Update for Halo Infinite Detailed

With the ability to join Xbox and PC players together, Campaign Co-op and Mission Replay are two of the largest additions to the Halo Infinite single-player experience.

New Achievements will also be introduced. Forge is another important pillar, and 343 was pleased to announce that the beta version of Forge is now available.

It comes with "six canvas maps, a new visual scripting engine, object scaling, lighting and audio tools, bot support, huge budget increases, file sharing capabilities,

and much more to help you create and share your maps, modes, and prefabs," they said. While new balancing adjustments have been made to the way XP is distributed, 

a new Battle Pass and events are on the way. A major Halo update wouldn't be complete without some new maps, and 343 confirmed that this was the case with the upcoming Winter Update

by adding the Forge-produced Argyle and Detachment to the rotation. Convert One Flag, a new CTF variant, is also on the way, and other balance adjustments are being made to the overall experience.

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