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US Military Aircraft Pilot Embarrasses Russia by Drawing Penis in Sky With Flight Path

Amid escalating conflict between Russia and Ukraine, an American military aircraft crew drew a “sky penis” in the vicinity of Syria’s Tartus. The area in question is Russia’s naval facility in the Mediterranean, according to a report by Politico. The move was hard for the Kremlin to ignore as the aircraft was a massive KC-135 Stratotanker aerial refuelling plane. The phallic image was spotted on the night of November 1. However, it is not clear whether the plane took off from Crete to refuel fighter planes or was trying to humiliate the Russian ground crew.

According to the same report, the Mediterranean was recently the subject of a “close encounter” between three U.S. Navy planes and Russian aircraft, a few days before Russia launched an all-out physical attack on Ukraine’s main cities and subsequently, the whole country. Interestingly, the drawing of the phallic object was not the first time US military aircraft got too close to Russian territory.

A Daily Mail report called such interactions “common”, while at the time, the Pentagon was significantly concerned about the “potential outcomes during the uncertain time.” The report quoted a Pentagon spokesperson who said: “While no one was hurt, interactions such as these could result in miscalculations and mistakes that lead to more dangerous outcomes.”

Meanwhile, the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to wage as nearly 1,000 Russian soldiers were killed in Ukraine’s capital city Kyiv, last weekend. The dark event was noted as one of the deadliest days for Russia since troops invaded Ukraine over 8 months ago. The Russian death toll in Kyiv is now up to at least 71,200. It is now known that the Kremlin is trying to “round up” as many men as possible and send them to the war’s forefront, “regardless of skill, training, and equipment.”

The UK’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) said in its latest intelligence briefing to the UK paper: “In September, Russian officers were concerned that some recently mobilized reservists were arriving in Ukraine without weapons.”

The Russian forces have intensified attacks on Ukraine’s power station and other key infrastructure in the latest phase of the war.

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