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US Politician AOC Claims Her Twiter Account ‘Conveniently’ Stopped Working After Tiff With Elon Musk

US politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accused Elon Musk of disrupting her Twitter account following a tiff between the two on the social media platform. Elon Musk has been receiving quite some backlash over his decision to charge $8 (approximately ₹600) per month for a subscription fee for account verification. The congresswoman called out Twitter CEO in a series of tweets. However, following her argument with Musk on the social media platform, she said that her Twitter “mentions and notifications conveniently” stopped working on Thursday after she “seems to have gotten under a certain billionaire’s skin.”

In a separate tweet, she wrote, “One guy’s business plan for a $44 billion over-leveraged purchase is apparently to run around and individually ask people for $8. Remember that next time you question yourself or your qualifications.”

Musk defended himself by sharing a screenshot of a sweatshirt on AOC’s website that costs $58. To which AOC responded that she is proud of it and will always be. She further added, her “workers are union, making a living wage, have full healthcare, and aren’t subject to racist treatment in their workplaces. Items are made in USA.”

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had called out Musk for his subscription plan, he had replied, “Your feedback is appreciated, now pay $8.”

Meanwhile, the founder of Tesla has also shared a bunch of memes in his tweets. Highlighting the ongoing criticism over his decision to start the subscription fee. In one of his previous tweets, Musk mentioned that the price will be adjusted by “country proportionate to purchasing power parity”. The benefits of the subscription include getting priority in replies, mentions and searches. They will also be able to post longer videos and audios, and will have to deal with half as many ads. However, being able to buy blue ticks has raised some security concerns among social media users.

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