Control of U.S. Congress hangs in balance with key contests still unresolved

All eyes in the political world were trained on Friday on Arizona and Nevada, where hundreds of thousands of uncounted votes held the key to control of the U.S. Senate three days after Americans cast their final ballots in midterm elections.

county to call Thursday for a special legislative session to overhaul the state’s voting system, which she would have the power to do if elected.

Either Democrats or Republicans can capture a Senate majority by sweeping the contests in both states. A split, however

would transform a Dec. 6 runoff Senate election in Georgia into a proxy battle for the chamber, which among other powers holds sway over President Joe Biden's judicial appointments.

Meanwhile, Republicans were slowly inching closer to wresting control of the House of Representatives from Biden's Democrats,

which would effectively give them veto power over his legislative agenda and allow them to launch a bevy of investigations into his administration.

As Arizona counts votes, Republicans seize on Election Day glitches