Everything You Need to Know About the Aquarius

What’s Aquarius’ Element?: Air signs are intellectual and abstract thinkers. They tend to be nimble, open-minded and highly social.

It can be a little difficult for them to get in touch with their emotions, and they can come off as cold or detached.

What’s’ Aquarius’ Modality?: Fixed signs are the stabilizers of the zodiac, continuing on the path that has already been established.

They know how to sustain, grow, extend and nurture. They can be stubborn or rigid, often digging in their heels when challenged.

What’s Aquarius’ Symbol?: At first glance, it would seem that the Aquarian avatar signals to water more than air.

But the water bearer is actually pouring not only water but brain or electricity waves from on high into the watery regions of Pisces, the very next sign.

Aquarius not only rules genius but political disruption as well. They are literally making waves.

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