Sagittarius Season Is Almost Here, and It's Giving Abundance

From getting together with loved ones to bake or cheer on your favorite football team to planning holiday fetes, Sagittarius season is brimming with opportunities to make the most of the season.

In fact, chances are your calendar may feel a bit too packed from now until the end of the year. That's because the festive, jovial fire sign - ruled by Jupiter.

The more entertainment, laughter, coziness, and socializing, the better. But partying is far from the only focus of the season, which also cranks up your desire to spread your wings.

Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, expansion, fortune, and luck, which has a magnifying effect on everything it comes in touch with.

In turn, Sagittarius is one of the most optimistic and upbeat signs, but it's also one that's innately drawn to extremes.

When it comes to the aspects of life they desire the most - fun, higher learning and philosophizing, and long-distance travel - the more, the merrier Sag is.

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