Venus In Sagittarius Is Bringing Joyous Vibes In Love

 Venus, the planet of sensuality, pleasure, and social graces, will be in fiery Sagittarius. At this time, we’ll be wanting to break free of social norms when it comes to love and romance.

We will be making our own rules in matters of the heart. This means that we get to define our own boundaries, play around in experimenting in the type of relationship we want

as well as a time to color outside the lines — more importantly having a good time while doing so. Think of this transit as a time to plan your own adventure in love.

Sagittarius isn’t a sign that’s known to commit. In fact, it is the seeker of wisdom and truth, which means that they wander around the globe looking for answers and philosophy.

Throughout their travels, the archer picks up different perspectives and ideas that they believe in.

If they’re lucky enough to meet someone who shares the same vision as them and challenges them intellectually, who is also a blast to hang out with, then the archer will commit with ease.

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