Which ‘Yellowstone’ cast member are you based on your zodiac sign?

Kayce Dutton’s birthday is given as April 27, 1990, making this youngest son a Taurus sun.

TAURUS: Kayce Dutton

Quick, curious, big on charm, comedic timing and hard hitting questions, the youngest Dutton is a snake killing, intruder slaying, hat tipping, one liner leveling Gemini.

GEMINI: Tate Dutton

Beth Dutton’s date of birth is given as July 18, 1984, making her a Cancer sun. Beth is a broken blonde with a sharp tongue and a taste for drink.

CANCER : Beth Dutton

Charming, generous and ageless, Lloyd is Leo all the way. Ruling over the fifth house of sex, creativity, play and the inner child, there is an enduring kid like quality to lions.

LEO: Lloyd Pierce

Virgos are hardworking, meticulous and calm under pressure or when aggressively pursued by pink haired Texans like Teeter, making cool headed

VIRGO: Colby Mayfield

The sun is in fall in Libra, meaning it is unable to fully express its potential.

LIBRA: Jamie Dutton

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