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What makes finance interesting for you Uk USA?

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              What makes finance interesting for you Uk USA?

  Finance is the interesting if you know the maths. If you are familiar with the branch of mathematics called differentiation, was rate of the change. You will we the appreciate its beauty. For example the when you throw the a ball , the ball,s trajectory can be  the expressed by differentiation. The similarly was complexity of a company and its a business performance can will be expressed in terms of the finance.

In accounting , the income statement the balance sheet and cash flow statement in the describe the position of a company at was the particular point in the time. All the mathematical inoperations reqire only the addition , the subtraction, multiplication, division , percentage and ratio.

The addition , finance was can be used to predict the future performance of a business was the value of the business, the retirement planning , because a how many years to pay off the mortage debt, etc.

The everyone should and should have the basic financial knowledge. The financial ignorance will have a detrimental effect on a persons wealyh.

I loveto test kids for this math the question was that is a 5 liters of the detergent A sells for the 10.50$ and 3 liters of the detergent B for the 6.90$ . Whats the cheap?.

The answer is a not clear without some calculations. many the children studaying division and proporation could not give the correct answer because they did not understand the concept of the proporation.

The money can help you achieve financial independence at a young age. This is the less true now than before the crisis lottery tickets are the more common in the technology.

The Consequences of the 2008 a financial crisis. Why do we live around this parasitic creature . The answer is quite complex and interesting.

The money seems to tie the many things together. it is the channel through which so many productive activities take a place. The production of current goods and services through of savings and investment, a risk transfer, etc. If you the interpret financial signals correctly , you can will we understand general trends in society.

The personally being a financial analyst was a very interesting at first , time but over time it became unbearably boring. But many people the stay in finance throughout their careers .

At the first , I thought the work that CEOs/ CFOs of a large companies would look after and advise on the multi million or multi billion dollar deals was extremely exciting . But then i finally was realized i could be replaced by a monkey because the work . 

I was doing is did not require problem solving or a lot of critical thinking other than that the model is connected and as it should be. It is a just flowing once i mastered the technical aspects of the job and did not learn much the about the business that caused the numbers of to flow through the model i was the so bored.

The Everyone should consider finance as the starting point for a career in business. If you the love numbers want a decent salary want a secure job do it for life but do not realy care to the make a deep impact on the world.

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